Experience must be coupled with flexibility and adaptability. Connecting the dots is not enough.

As the pace of change accelerates, as borders are put up and others torn down, as science is questioned and proof discredited, the bigger picture must come into focus.

Soul and substance need to replace bigger and better.

My name is Fred Brunken. I bring to the table an international perspective, a healthy curiosity and an environmental respect.



Business consultancy to review the customer journey in ionos cloud.
Berlin, ionos cloud headquarters

New SoHo Portfolio by Vodafone.
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen and Baden-Württemberg footprints of Vodafone.

Barcellos Sports

new magento based webshop

Work Skills.


I bring a unique set of skils to help you with your challenges.
01. Network Operators.

Since early 2000, worked as a Director of Operations, later as General Director for Swisscom, first in Switzerland and later expanding the company into the Iberia Peninsula at the same time as accumulating the German Operations of the company.
Everything while handling the 1st and 2nd level customer support.
The last few Years I have been working with Unitymedia in Germany, first part of the Liberty Group, later acquired by Vodafone, delivering on time and on budget new portfolios that make sure to deliver profit to the company at the same time as a good product to its clients.

02. Start-up.

Passion for the new and for the challenge. It takes a special kind of person to find joy in challenges associated to start-ups. Having lived through all phases of various start-ups, I bring this skill with me.
What do you need? Help with your Business Plan? Help with your Business Model? Help with your market position?

03. Travel industry.

With the corona virus challenge, no industry has been more affected than the travel and tourism industry. This industry will need to take a deep look inside to find new ways. There will be a need to reinvent itself and nothing better than to have the help of someone that has many Years’ experience in the industry at the same time as a fresh look, tempered by the experience of working with start-ups that by definition needs to reinvent itself on a daily basis and deliver value.




Leading technology partner for the travel industry.

Leading Network Operator in the Swiss market.


Regional German Cable Network Operator, today part of the Vodafone group.



“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
Albert Einstein
Areas I can help
Program/Project Management
  • Follow all PMI phases, from initiation to closing
  • Budget development and control
  • Follow Agile as well as water fall methodologies as applicable
Business Consultancy
  • Process review
  • Budget development as well as control tools
Internet and security consultancy
  • Website, creation and maintenance
  • E-commerce
    • Including fulfillment partner negotiation and training on the tools.
  • CDN strategy development and implementation
  • Provide support for SEO and SEM
Department Management to C level Management
  • Strategy development
  • Planning, Budget and creation of business plan
  • Creation or merger of departments
  • Development of start-up companies
  • Participation in the acquisition of venture capital and cooperation with the relevant banks
  • Personnel management, budget responsibility
  • Creation of job descriptions, personnel search and selection
How can I help you? Let’s talk. Send me a message.



There is no rulebook to govern the play on a planet that rotates daily into unprecedented challenge.